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Initiatives + Hot Topics

  • An exploratory program coaching UC IT staff on how to develop local services into offerings for other campuses and/or other universities and organizations.

    For more information, contact Tom Andriola
  • The operational hub coordinating systemwide cybersecurity training, events, programs, and tools, and helping UC prepare defenses against and respond to cyber attacks.

    For more information, contact David Rusting
  • Leveraging Data as an Asset(opens new window)

    A constellation of efforts by researchers, clinicians, faculty, and administrators to develop use of UC’s vast stores of health and agriculture data to advance research, innovation, and potential public/private partnerships.

    For more information, contact Tom Andriola
  • The multi-year initiative driving shared services and reducing operating costs across the UC Health enterprise.

    For more information, contact Tom Andriola
  • Partnerships for Health(opens new window)

    Partnership initiatives between UC Health and private entities to utilize technology in ways that increase researcher/ clinician access to data, empower faster health diagnoses and decision making, and improve delivery of care. Examples are UCSF and GE(opens new window), UCSF-Cisco(opens new window), UC Health-Optum(opens new window)

    For more information, contact Tom Andriola
  • An annual award program sponsored by the UC CIOs and recognizing innovation in IT at UC.

    For more information, contact Yvonne Tevis
  • IT Workforce Planning(opens new window)

    A CIO led effort exploring options for workforce sharing, remote work, job creation, and skills development and tackling issues such as high housing costs and employee recruitment and retention.

    For more information, contact Matt Hall
  • Student Activity Hub(opens new window)

    A UCSD partnership with SAP to build a comprehensive real-time analytics platform that will use a wide range of campus data (e.g., clickstream data, assessment data, learning data, and student profiles) to provide insight and information that can guide campus leaders in developing student learning strategies.

    For more information, contact Vince Kellen
  • True North for IT(opens new window)

    An ongoing strategic planning process identifying the priorities of the CIO leadership council and aligning them with systemwide IT projects.

    For more information, contact Matt Hall
  • UC Tech Conference – formerly UCCSC(opens new window)

    The premier event bringing UC IT staff together each year to present their work, connect with each other, and learn from colleagues and outstanding speakers. The 2018 conference was held at UC Davis. The 2019 conference will be held at UC Santa Barbara.

    For more information, contact Chris Rosenstock