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We are IT at the University of California

We develop and run systems and tools that enable the university to do noble work – from collecting and analyzing research data; to operating life-saving hospital equipment; to running university administration; to promoting learning among students; to creating dance, literature, art, and song.

Our power comes from working together across the university. Over 7000 strong, the UC IT community represents an extraordinary wealth of knowledge, experience, creativity, and drive.

For IT staff at UC, "colleagues" are not limited to co-workers in departments or on campus. Our colleagues and peer advisors are people across UC who support IT in every conceivable capacity.

By coming together as a community, we learn from one another, expand opportunity, and strengthen impact.

By collaborating, we reduce institutional costs, start up new services, acquire skills, and create new career paths. Here are a few examples of successful collaboration outcomes:

  • In health services – UC Rex is a data platform that enables the five health science systems to share research data.
  • In Risk and Safety Solutions: a UC service now offered to other higher education institutions.
  • In administrative IT, UCI’s Time Reporting System is a shared service run by UCI and used by six UC locations.

We have many opportunities for building partnerships and driving collaboration and innovation within our university: Every year nearly 500 members of the IT community converge at the UC Tech Conference, a tradition for thirty years. Imagine the energy, the ideas, and the potential to go home with a goal to work with others and change something at UC for the better.

Every year, thirty rising leaders from all locations meet at UC Berkeley to participate in the UC IT Leadership Academy. They learn management, negotiation, and communication skills from top faculty at the Haas School of Business. Even better, they make connections with each other and form a united vision for collaboration and change at UC. Imagine what they can do together.

Each of us, every day, has opportunities to reach out to colleagues across UC, join or create communities of expertise, and propose ideas and implement change. Join the UCTech Slack team and start meeting each other. Imagine what you can do.